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Primary Sources

Preface Letter
Table of Contents
Chapter 4
From Plantations to Provinces: The Evolution of American Society and Culture, 1660–1763
Chapter 11
The Old South
Chapter 15
“This Mighty Scourge”: The Civil War Years
Chapter 20
Post-Civil War Thought and Culture
Chapter 26
An Exhilarating Decade: American Life in the 1920s
Chapter 30
In the Shadow of the Bomb: The Cold War in the Truman Years


Unprecedented coverage of the forces that have shaped the history of the United States
While none of America's rich history is left out, this volume is the first U.S. history textbook to give serious attention to the religious dimension of American life. This textbook is not a religious history; instead, it offers an account of American history that includes religious ideas, practices, and movements whenever they played a shaping role.
Comprehensive and current
This volume traces the American story from the earliest encounters between the first North American inhabitants and Europeans through the 2004 presidential election. Complete and balanced treatment is also given to issues of gender, race, and ethnicity, as well as cultural, political, and economic forces.
A clear and compelling narrative
The authors are more than expert historians; they are also talented writers who recognize history to be the retelling of human life. United by a seamless narrative structure, these chapters restore the “story” to history.
Multiple formats specially designed for flexible classroom use
Unto a Good Land is available as a single hardcover edition or as two paperback volumes, offering maximum flexibility when adapting curriculum for one- and two-semester courses in U.S. history. The two paperback volumes can be used for U.S. history survey courses divided at 1865 or 1900 — or at any date in between.
Informative special features to complement the text
In addition to the book's exceptional narrative, an array of special features (“In Their Own Words” sidebars, more than 400 historical illustrations, more than 40 maps, “At a Glance” chapter outlines, bibliographies in every chapter) enhances the instructional value of the text and points students to resources for further study.
Includes assistance for teaching and test preparation
The instructor's manual for Unto a Good Land provides helpful suggestions for lesson plans and assignments, and the test bank provides multiple-choice and essay questions for use as study aids, quizzes, or tests.
Suitable for instruction at both secular and religious colleges and universities
Drawing on their experience in both secular and religious schools, the authors have ensured that this textbook is suitable for U.S. history classes in a wide variety of settings.
Thorough coverage of U.S. history, including the 2004 presidential election
Balanced attention to the entire story — social, political, and religious — of the American people
“In Their Own Words” sidebars featuring excerpts from primary source documents illuminating key topics
More than 400 historical illustrations
More than 40 informative maps
“At a Glance” chapter outlines for quick reference
“Suggested Reading” bibliographies in every chapter to point students to resources for further study
Instructor's manual and test bank for easy class preparation